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Here’s a series I’m writing for BayNet Libraries about our bike programs

Library Jobs Math


Did you read the recent Wall Street Journal article that said we would soon be experiencing a shortage of librarians and sea captains?

Does that math sound right to you?

Library Journal’s 2012 placements and salary survey shows in that year, 6,184 people graduated. If that number remains constant (more about this later), that’s 61,840 new librarians over the ten years from 2012-2022.

Will this be…

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I wrote this bummer of a post about the future librarian “shortage”

The biggest issue with equating the library with a Netflix for books is that it sends a false message that libraries are worth little more than $8 or $12 or $20 a month. That the services offered in libraries are little more than options to which people can subscribe, rather than actual services anyone can utilize at any time.

When the library is made to be seen as a business, rather than the heart of a community or a fundamental service made possible through citizen-approved tax dollars, it makes the library expendable. That expendability then moves down the chain: staff salaries get cut, then staff withers, then more programs and projects that benefit the community — books and movies and CDs and magazines and newspapers and wifi and computer access and database subscriptions and programs for all shapes, colors, and sizes of people — disappear, too. It detracts from the unique aspects that make a library what it is: a place for all, rather than a place for some.

Libraries reach out where Netflix reaches in.


Hey lookit I wrote this!  Thanks to all the job hunters who’ve shared their perspectives.

So excited to see this published!



My alma mater, San José State University SLIS, is changing its name to SJSU “School of Information.” Libraries aren’t dying, but library schools think they are. From their new “About” blurb:

"Graduates work in diverse areas, such as information governance,…

It’s not shame, it’s lack of work.  You gotta be able to have your grads go on to work, and there are not enough library jobs for all the people SJSU wants to graduate.

If you'd been looking for a library job and was offered one at ITT Tech, would you take it?

I had to look up ITT Tech - didn’t know what that was.  I probably wouldn’t, because I’m a public librarian at this point.  

If I was an academic librarian, and the potential coworkers were cool, and the pay was ok, and I’d get to do fun things, I’d take it.  If it didn’t seem right, I wouldn’t.  

I don’t have any particular prejudice against taking jobs at for-profit schools.  It’s more about the fit of the position.  

Beyond the Book Brand

Beyond the Book Brand

As books evolve, so must libraries.  As information needs change, so must we.  Thus begins another chapter in As the Library Turns.

Books are intrinsically linked with libraries, in the minds of our patrons.  As much as I hate the whole concept of branding, I have to admit it perfectly describes our situation.  Books are our brand.

We must expand the brand.  You probably know that.   For a recent…

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Librarian fact #880


Ball pits are banned from library conventions, as librarians spend too much time arguing over whether the balls should be sorted by colour or left to occur at random in order to introduce a element of spontaneity into the user experience.